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I am a nutrition coach based in Sydney’s Inner West. It’s my passion to educate people on how to eat healthily, get in shape and maintain it for life. During over 10 years of coaching I've helped hundreds of men and women to better health.

I'm just like you. I don't mind a glass of wine, I sometimes spend the afternoon on the couch watching a movie and love the occasional bag of chips (I’m English, we love our crisps!!). I’m not obsessed with working out and know how unrealistic it is to try and eat perfectly 100% of the time, but I do balance my treats with looking after myself. And balance is what I teach my clients.





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After the birth of my second child I wanted to try a different approach to my fitness. Previously I have slogged away on the cardio machines in a gym and whilst I have got fitter I have seen little change to my weight or body shape.

I went along to Sonja’s on the recommendation of a friend and I’ll admit I wasn’t sure I’d get much out of it but I was very wrong!! The classes use a mixture of body weight exercises along with kettle bells, dumbells, TRX and medicine balls. The workouts are always different and Sonja tailors each exercise to the individual taking into account your fitness, strength and postpartum recovery.

When I was really tired after no sleep with a crying baby and lacking any motivation to get changed from my PJ’s and leave the house I knew that all I had to do was to get to the class. Sonja and the wonderful ladies would help me get through the session and at the end I would feel great and full of energy.

I have attended 3-4 sessions a week for the last 6 months always with my baby and occasionally with my 4year old. I’ve met some lovely ladies and have also enjoyed getting out and meeting them in a social setting which Sonja is very good at organising!! I will really miss my routine when I go back to work shortly but am so grateful I found Sonja and I am going back stronger, fitter and thinner!!


July, 2018

I started training with Sonja about 2 years ago. I had just had my third child, my first pregnancy was twins so my pelvic floor was in terrible shape.

I started training with Sonja and my aim was to increase my pelvic floor and core strength and hopefully fix some of the issues I was having that comes with a weak pelvic floor. I also had a abdominal separation of approximately 3-4 fingers and I wanted to get fit so if I did get it surgically fixed I would be in a better position for a successful surgery.

Two years on and I don't get the back pain I used to and all my pelvic floor issues are all in my past. My abdominal wall separation may be 1 finger if that. I feel strong enough to carry my clingy 20kg 3 year old around with ease and also run after my 7 year olds.

Sonja has been an inspiration to me and knows just how far I can go and pushed me to a fitness level I never thought I would be able to achieve. SuperMum is definitely how I feel now. Thank you so much Sonja. To start training with you was the best decision I ever made and I feel fantastic for it.


July, 2018

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