Sonja started out in the corporate world, working in human resources and recruitment, but she didn’t really feel like she was setting the world on fire!


So, she studied nutrition in order to understand the role that food plays in making our bodies function well and look good.


Sonja fell in love with the idea of using this knowledge to help other people look and feel great.


During that process, she discovered a passion and a skill for helping people make changes in their daily lives that positively impact their wellbeing.


It quickly became clear to Sonja that her clients were not only looking for better health through nutrition and movement, but rather seeking to feel more in control of their lives.


Sonja has since studied the International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaching philosophies, behaviour change psychology, food psychology, and has become a Certified Meal Planner.


She uses mindset and behavioural techniques to help people - just like you - to redirect their lives.


During Sonja’s 10 years of coaching, she’s helped hundreds of men and women to achieve better health, regain control of their lives, and balance the needs of their families with their own needs and aspirations.


Like the people she’s helped so far, you want to feel more focussed and clear headed.


You want to create a more satisfying and fulfilling balance in your life.


Sonja acknowledges that we are all unique and we should honour that, and she doesn't believe there is a one size fits all way of living.


She understands that you may be a little scared of change.


You may think you lack the courage and determination to make lasting change.


Working with Sonja, you can access the tools you need to succeed.


She will be there to guide you through the barriers that have blocked you in the past.


You will be supported to find different paths and solutions, and she’ll be there to celebrate every win with you.


You can have better health and a real sense of satisfaction with your life.


You can find fulfilment while still tending the needs of your family alongside your own.

If you’re ready to improve your health, take back control of your life, and find a better sense of balance in your commitments, then book your FREE Life Balancing Roadmap now.


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