The best way to turn the phrase "One Day" into "Day 1" is with a clear goal and a plan for success.

The key to success is setting goals, making them real and writing them down. Your goal(s) must be important to you. If there isn't a good enough "why" you are unlikely to be motivated enough to achieve your goal.

Here's my checklist for setting goals to ensure you achieve them:

⭐ What you would like to achieve? Be specific! ⭐ How will you measure your success?  ⭐ Set milestones so you can celebrate your mini wins on your way to achieving your big goal. ⭐ Set deadlines for when you want to reach your milestones and achieve your goals.  ⭐ Make sure you check in regularly to make sure you stay on track. ⭐ Make sure you have support - get your family and friends to support you and help you celebrate when you achieve your goals!

What are your health and wellbeing goals?

They might relate to fitness, nutrition or fat loss, but don’t forget some of the more overlooked wellbeing areas such as getting more sleep, planning downtime, and managing stress.

If you're ready to start planning out your goal(s), download my free goal planner here. And don't forget to let me know what goals you're aiming for so we can celebrate when you achieve them!