Getting qualified to train pregnant and post natal women was one of the best decisions I have made, as I just love working with my Supermums.


Many of them started training with me before they got pregnant, continued training during their pregnancy, and then returned to training once they had sign off from their GP after giving birth.

Giving birth takes its toll on the body and coming back to exercise is hard. My aim is to help as many mums as possible in prioritising their health, and have them feeling stronger and healthier than they've ever been.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about baby sitting or finding a gym with a crèche. I have a safe space for them to play in with a large toy box or they can join in the workout. It's up to you!






I have helped many women safely regain their pre-baby body, fitness and strength, as well as help with abdominal separation and pelvic floor issues.


1 on 1 sessions will mean you receive focussed attention, with all exercises customised to meet your specific needs and goals.

My facility provides the opportunity to bring your little one with you while you train.

See what my mums have to say below, or contact me to find out more.



My group training sessions give you the opportunity to get moving again in a safe way, amongst like-minded women. We focus on rebuilding strength and tone with proven fat loss methods. 

Sessions are 45 minutes and I cater for all abilities. Sessions are capped at 8 ladies.

Finding the right group and facility is important so I offer a free trial. There is no obligation so if you’re looking for a lovely bunch of mums to train with, come and see why my mums have so much fun working up a sweat.



Attend 1 class per week for $19.50

Attend unlimited classes each week for $35



Sonja’s Supermums classes really appeal to me because of the group design, you always have a workout buddy! The other mums are really supportive and it’s so convenient being able to have your kids with you while you workout. Every class has different workouts which is designed to challenge you no matter where you are in your fitness. I really love the Supermums sessions!


November, 2018

After the birth of my second child I wanted to try a different approach to my fitness. Previously I have slogged away on the cardio machines in a gym and whilst I have got fitter I have seen little change to my weight or body shape.

I went along to Sonja’s on the recommendation of a friend and I’ll admit I wasn’t sure I’d get much out of it but I was very wrong!! The classes use a mixture of body weight exercises along with kettle bells, dumbells, TRX and medicine balls. The workouts are always different and Sonja tailors each exercise to the individual taking into account your fitness, strength and postpartum recovery.

When I was really tired after no sleep with a crying baby and lacking any motivation to get changed from my PJ’s and leave the house I knew that all I had to do was to get to the class. Sonja and the wonderful ladies would help me get through the session and at the end I would feel great and full of energy.

I have attended 3-4 sessions a week for the last 6 months always with my baby and occasionally with my 4year old. I’ve met some lovely ladies and have also enjoyed getting out and meeting them in a social setting which Sonja is very good at organising!! I will really miss my routine when I go back to work shortly but am so grateful I found Sonja and I am going back stronger, fitter and thinner!!


July, 2018

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