You give everything to your family. You put your kids and partner first, and you love the close dynamic and opportunities for the children that you’ve created.


But you feel like you're missing out on your own life. There’s a lot on your plate but how on earth are you meant to find time for yourself in the middle of all that?

You’re tired all the time. It’s like your brain is clouded with a fog that you can’t quite shake, and your good intentions to eat better and exercise are hard to achieve.

It feels a bit like you’ve put your whole life on hold. Everyone else’s needs are more important than your own. If you’re being honest, you don’t even remember how to prioritise yourself.

You feel like you’re ageing. You feel self-conscious, stressed and you don’t always like the person you see in the mirror.

You want to do something about your life… but what? You’ve spend money on various products and exercise programs, and nothing’s change. You still feel the same way. Then, you feel guilty for having spent the money on things that don’t work, instead of putting it towards your kids.

Nothing works, and you don’t have the time to invest in yourself. You have no idea how to find balance for yourself and it’s getting increasingly frustrating.

What if this is it? What if nothing is ever going to change? What if you’re never going to feel fulfilled? What if the kids grow up and move out… and you feel like you haven’t achieved anything else?

You desperately want things to be different. You just don’t know how.

What if there is a way? 

  • What if you could feel confident and clear headed?

  • What if you could feel happier with yourself and satisfied with your life?

  • What if you could have real balance - with time for yourself without compromising on family time?

If you could be truly in control of your life - including your appearance and self-esteem?


Now you can live the life you desire. 

You can get your sense of identity back, reclaim control of your life, and fulfil your aspirations - with wellness coach Sonja Turner.



I put on a fair bit of weight  over 3 pregnancies. I struggled with the motivation to lose the weight and I didn't really know what to do. Working with Sonja has been a real eye opener as to why I was feeling the way I was. I've lost 3kg in just 6 weeks and I'm fitting into all my pre-pregnancy clothes. Not pre third child clothes, but the clothes I was wearing before I fell pregnant with my first!

My youngest is 1 so I'm still a little sleep deprived but I'm happier, more energetic and I feel more motivated in day to day life. I would definitely recommend working with Sonja


April, 2019

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