Health and wellbeing means different things to different people but fundamentally we all want to like what we see in the mirror, feel great physically and feel capable of being our best self and living the best life that we can.

Do you:

  • Feel simply unable to make good food choices?

  • Crave carbs/sugar daily? 

  • Constantly feel bloated after a meal? 

  • Have trouble falling asleep or wake up without feeling refreshed? 

  • Have inconsistent energy levels and crash out after a meal? 

  • Feel easily distracted and lack focus? 

  • Feel lethargic, fatigued and too tired to exercise? 

Have you set goals like lose weight, feel more energetic, eat better, before and feel you’ve never really gotten anywhere? 

What if you’re not just making excuses or not trying hard enough?

Psychology certainly plays a part in reaching your goals, whatever they are, but rarely do we look to our biochemistry as a major factor in how we feel and our ability to reach our health goals. There are countless scientific links between food, mood, nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep, stress, gut health, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, medications, and feelings of wellbeing, energy, brain clarity, ability to lose weight, motivation, mindset and personal and professional success. 

My Wellness Revolution is an 8 week group online program which addresses these issues and is the perfect platform on which to build a lifetime of health and wellness.

During the program you will learn:

  • Which habits and behaviours are currently sabotaging your health goals and learn to overcome them

  • How to ensure your grocery shop and your kitchen sets you up for success 

  • How your hormone affect your energy levels, focus and ability to lose weight and how to manage them effectively

  • How to effectively build your plate to ensure satiety 

  • Sleep and stress management

  • How to put together or adjust your current exercise schedule to promote fat loss

Your investment will include workbook and materials for each week, private group forum and weekly online group meetings.


Each intake is capped to ensure you receive personal attention, so if you are ready to change your life and increase your health and wellbeing, please get in touch to secure your space. I can't wait to start this life-changing program with you!

Stay tuned for dates for the next intake...

"If you keep doing things the same way, you’re going to get the same results!"


I put on a fair bit of weight over 3 pregnancies. I struggled with the motivation to lose the weight and I didn't really know what to do.


I found the Wellness Revolution well planned and informative. It's been really eye opening into why I was feeling the way I was. I've lost 3kg in 6 weeks but better than that, I'm fitting into all my pre-pregnancy clothes so that's definitely a win! I'd definitely recommend this course to others!

I've continued on with what Sonja and the course taught me and I'm now fitting into the clothes I was wearing before I well pregnant with my first!

My youngest is 1 so I'm still a little sleep deprived but I'm happier, more energetic and I feel more motivated in day to day life.


April, 2019

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